5 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Being Isolated

Seniors who are socially isolated report a lower quality of life than those with sufficient social contact. If your senior loved one has been withdrawing from social interaction, it’s vital to encourage him or her to get out of the house and spend time with others. Here are five ways you can prevent your loved one from feeling isolated. 

1. Utilize Local Senior Resources

The local senior centre is likely a top meeting place for older adults in your loved one’s community. Encourage your loved one to visit regularly and engage with other seniors. Senior centres often provide opportunities for recreation, outings, and regular meet-ups for people who enjoy hobbies like knitting, quilting, and stamp collecting. 

2. Adopt a Pet

Caring for another life provides a sense of purpose for seniors. Walking a dog and visiting pet supply stores can also be a great way to get out into the community and connect with other people. If a younger pet would be too difficult for your loved one to manage, he or she can adopt a senior pet instead. 

3. Provide Transportation

Many seniors are no longer able to drive, limiting their ability to leave the house and interact with others. Providing transportation can be a great way to help your loved one stay engaged. For urban seniors, this can be as simple as making sure they always have a valid bus pass. You can also hire a caregiver to drive your loved one to social engagements. For some families, caring for a senior loved one can be overwhelming at times. Luckily, they can rely on professional respite care. Edmonton, AB, Butterfly Dreams Respite Care is a trusted name in respite care. Our caregivers are available around the clock to assist seniors with bathing, transportation, medication reminders, exercise, and much more, allowing families the time they need to focus on other important responsibilities or just take a break.

4. Teach Social Networking Skills

Though connecting online is different than spending time with others in person, it can still satisfy the human need for connection. For seniors with poor health and limited mobility, being able to chat with friends, exchange emails, and view family pictures can be a great source of socialization. Teaching your loved one to use social media may require a lot of patience at first, but it will likely pay dividends in the end. Physical and emotional challenges are common for many aging adults, but seniors don’t have to manage them alone. In Edmonton, respite care agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Butterfly Dreams Respite Care, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. We encourage seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy.

5. Encourage Participation in the Community

Well-established social connections shouldn't be neglected. Seniors who have always been involved in the community should be encouraged to maintain those ties, even if they can no longer do as much as when they were younger. Volunteering to attend social events with your loved one may prove especially helpful. Some seniors also have difficulty with tasks like bathing and grooming, which may prevent them from spending time with others. Social activity is only one of many components that contribute to robust mental and physical health in seniors. If you’re the primary caregiver for a senior family member and are looking for a high-quality Edmonton respite home, Butterfly Dreams Respite Care should be your top choice. Our dedicated and compassionate caregivers are committed to helping older adults manage their health and enjoy a higher quality of life in the golden years. Call us today at 587-800-4822 to learn about ways our experienced caregivers can help your loved one.