A Well Deserved Break For Family Caregivers

Caregiving long-term for your family member is a deeply complex and challenging endeavour. Even the most committed among us need well-deserved breaks for our overall psychological, emotional, and physical health. Reserving time for your own wellbeing is an integral part of caregiving. Otherwise, you simply burn out after a while. Clearly, that’s not to anyone’s advantage

Whether you’re simply stepping out for the day to run errands or leaving on a family vacation, you’ll have total peace of mind knowing your loved one is feeling right at home at Butterfly Dreams Respite Care. Our clients can happily participate in group activities such as social dining, games or, if they prefer, they can enjoy private, one-on-one companionship and care. Our secure, full-time, 24/7 supervision includes care from certified Health Care Aides or Licensed Practical Nurses for older adults with limited physical abilities, dementia or post-operative recovery. All that is necessary is to pack are your loved one’s personal items, medications, and clothes. We’ll take care of all the rest with our excellent respite care services in Edmonton, AB!

We offer a variety of respite care services to make your loved one's stay more enjoyable.

  • The Butterfly Dreams Respite Care home is designed for aging adults who can no longer handle activities of daily living on their own and need safe and secure support 24/7. Provided by Certified Health Care Aides or Licensed Practical Nurses, our respite care in Edmonton, AB, provides family caregivers with a temporary relief and break from daily responsibilities. Aging adults get the benefits of a change in their daily routine, social and physical engagement and making new connections with other clients in the home while family caregivers get a much needed break to avoid burnout and focus on their own health and wellness

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  • Butterfly Dreams Respite Care provides a temporary home away from home for seniors who are recovering from illnesses, injuries, or surgery and need compassionate convalescent care in Edmonton, AB, from a Certified Health Care Aide or Licensed Practical Nurse. Our warm, welcoming, and supportive staff ensure a home-like environment featuring an intimate group setting that’s fully furnished and stocked with everything our clients need to recover in comfort. Seniors and their families get peace of mind knowing our trained team members are here around the clock to provide outstanding care and handle any emergencies that may arise.

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  • Older adults who stay with us at Butterfly Dreams in Edmonton, AB, can rely on us to provide compassionate senior respite care with a variety of personal care tasks while respecting their privacy and preserving their dignity. Seniors get the benefit of assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, continence management, and basic or advanced foot care. In addition, our staff gladly provides general laundry service.

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  • It’s essential for seniors who need medication to take it at the right time and in the proper dosages. Our Certified Health Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses in Edmonton, AB, ensure our clients take their medications properly by providing verbal reminders and assistance with opening packages containing medication. In addition, we offer physical assistance with tasks such as wheelchair transfers and mobility support.

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    Medication Assistance - Butterfly Dreams
  • Seniors who stay with us at Butterfly Dreams in Edmonton, AB, enjoy a variety of freshly prepared nutritious meals and snacks. Our breakfast, lunch, and dinner services offer selections from a meal plan menu, and we can accommodate the unique dietary needs of any of our clients. Seniors can choose to eat in private or enjoy social dining, and our staff also provides clean-up services following meals.

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  • The Butterfly Dreams staff is happy to offer transportation assistance for our senior clients in Edmonton, AB. This service includes transportation to and from our respite home as well as to medical and other types of appointments while our clients are staying with us.

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At Butterfly Dreams Respite Care, Edmonton families can rely on our experienced caregivers are eager and ready to step in to provide compassionate assistance and necessary short-term support. We offer temporary respite services for older adults, including those with limited physical abilities and mild conditions like dementia, as well as individuals in need of post-operative recovery or hospital discharge care.

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When planning for your loved ones stay you can choose between a minimum of 8 hours per day, overnight, daily or weekly services.

Zareena Maqbool - Butterfly Dreams Founder


I thank my amazing grandmother for her unique perspective. She never considered seeking assistance a sign of incompetence or weakness but, instead, a smart, strategic way to manage more effectively. When my elderly grandfather’s deteriorating health necessitated more hands-on attention, she wisely brought in supplementary professional caregivers, a move quite advanced for her era.

“You’re no help to anyone if your vital life energies are compromised, so please take a lesson from my grandma. Supporting you while giving your elderly loved ones that rewarding, meaningful life they deserve—that’s why we’re here. There is no greater privilege.”

— Zareena Maqbool


Respite care provides short-term relief for primary caregivers.

We appreciate that your role as a caregiver is undeniably a labour of love. Of all people, we realize the infinite understanding and patience it takes to demonstrate such remarkable dedication around the clock. Sometimes, however, you need time away from your caregiving responsibilities to focus on other important aspects of your life.

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